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ASRock X99 and USB 3.0/2.0 and the EHCI/xHCI host controllers

I am having a bit of a frustrating problem related to USB on the ASRock X99 Extreme4 motherboard across both internal USB headers and external USB ports. I suspect this is the same across all of the ASRock Extreme series. In my case, attaching a USB device through virtualbox is what really brought this to my attention because I could only get devices to properly connect (and stay connected without errors) to the guest when connected through a USB 1.1 hub (IOGear GUH174), but then speed suffered substantially as a result. I also experienced various device compatibility issues which worked without issue on my older system (and work when I disable USB 3.0).

When I purchased this motherboard, I expected the USB 2.0 (black) ports to be connected to the EHCI USB host controller when USB 3.0 for the blue ports is enabled. Unfortunately, it seems that when USB 3.0 is enabled, ALL ports are connected to the xHCI host controller and when it is disabled, ALL ports are connected to the EHCI host controller and I only get 30MBps transfer speeds on USB 3.0 devices as a result. Both the EHCI and xHCI controllers are available as devices when USB 3.0 is enabled, but no USB ports get attached through the EHCI controller. When USB 2.0 is enabled, the xHCI device is no longer present.

Is it technically possible to tweak the UEFI settings such that the USB 2.0 (black) ports are connected to the EHCI host controller at the same time that the USB 3.0 ports (blue) are connected to the xHCI host controller for both backward-compatibility and performance? I tried varying a few things, but trying out every combination would be a chore. If this is not possible through the existing UEFI setting combinations, is this something that ASRock would have to change in the firmware to support and is it even possible at the chipset level to support something like this? I guess I would have to open a troubleshooting ticket to submit a request like this if the settings don’t already support something like this.

UEFI: USB 3.0 Disabled All USB ports (3.0 + 2.0) are mapped through the C610/X99 chipset EHCI host controller.

UEFI: USB 3.0 Enabled All USB ports (3.0 + 2.0) are mapped through the Intel USB 3.0 extensible host controller (xHCI).

To check this in windows 7/8/8.1, open up device manager and select View | Devices by Connection. In my case (8.1), the host controller is under ACPI x64-based PC | Microsoft ACPI-compliant system | PCI Express Root Complex. Reference Intel post about how to check: Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver — How to Check Connected USB 3.0 Devices Status?

Side note: it would also be nice to have some more detail of what the different USB options actually change under the covers in some posts or supporting documentation. Smart Auto vs Auto vs Enabled? USB Compatibility Patch?

Настройки экранной лупы

После запуска утилиты, при настройках по умолчанию, на Рабочем столе вы увидите изображение лупы. На Панели задач отобразится значок приложения, а после наведения на него курсора мыши, появится окно утилиты.

Окно приложения «Лупа» можно открыть после клика левой кнопки мыши по значку лупы, который отображается на Рабочем столе или в окне открытой программы.

В окне утилиты нажмите на кнопку «Параметры» (шестеренка). В окне «Параметры экранной лупы» можно изменить настройки приложения по умолчанию.

Такие настройки приложения доступны при включенном режиме вид «Во весь экран» (включен по умолчанию), или в режиме вида «Закреплено».

Выберите предпочтительный режим отслеживания (можно поэкспериментировать).

При включенном режиме вида «Увеличение», доступны другие настройки параметров. Здесь можно изменить размер окна, в котором будет отображаться увеличенные объекты экрана. Для этого передвиньте курсоры высоты и ширины в соответствующее место, для подбора необходимого размера.


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